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XombiAaron Tattooing

Artist "Xombi" Aaron Valenzuela is the owner of

Atom Bomb Studio. Creating art since birth, Xombi Aaron has produced works in multiple mediums for more than 12 years, beginning his journey behind the needle in 2006. Specializing in bright flowing watercolor designs

and bold colorful comic tattoos.

Fusing two bold styles together to create his own 

individual works of art.


  • Aaron's TikTok
  • ABS Facebook

Co-owner Anahy Nuñez is a multimedia artist born and raised in Las Cruces, NM.

 Specializing in black and gray, pointilism, and black work tattoos. Constantly manifesting her dreams into reality, she specializes in turning the human form into living art.

Creating custom tattoos unique to each client.


Anahy Nunez Art
  • Anahy's Insta
  • Anahy's TikTok
  • Anahy's FB

Chris Candia is our newest member of the

Atom Bomb Studio family. You may have met him as the shop manager.

Recently completing his apprenticeship,

Chris is a fully licensed tattoo artist

under the state of New Mexico. Now booking appointments and taking walk ins daily. 


  • Chris' Insta
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